Are KIND Bars Healthy? – Why the FDA reevaluated this product

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Most people have heard about KIND bars.

The question is, are KIND bars healthy? Or is it all just a marketing gimmick?

In recent years, the debate has continued to rage.

We’re going to break down the facts so we can understand the effects of KIND bars on the body.

Why do people attack the KIND bar?

In April 2015 KIND received a warning from the FDA that 4 of their bars should not be labelled as healthy .

FDA regulations state that any food item that contains more than 4 grams of fat is excessive.

Going by that logic, the KIND bars contained excessive fat.

So how does anyone define “healthy”? The whole idea of low fat foods being healthy is as old and expired as the law that upholds it. Going by that logic, even fish and nuts qualify as unhealthy.

Modern science has proven that omega-3 fatty acids are an essential part of all healthy diets. The truth is, there can never be an ideal level for a particular nutrient. Each individual is different, from our daily lifestyles to our body builds. We all need different amounts of everything.

We think that the goal of any food should be to provide a healthy balance of proteins, fibre and saturated fats.

KIND questioned the FDA on this and ended up being able to label the bars as healthy. The FDA ended up reevaluating its take on the bars.

Let’s Get To The Facts – Here’s why KIND bars are actually healthy:

They keep sugar levels in check. A lot of snacks and drinks have excessive sugar levels.

If you’re on a diet, and on the lookout for a perfect snack to fill those intervals – look no further than the KIND bars.

It’s Not Junk Food

It is true that it is impossible to replace regular meals and diets with snack bars, but what do you do in those times when you got no other option? What can you possibly do when are hungry after that intensive workout?

The fact is that these bars are way better than a Cola drink or a bag of chips. They’re no junk food. They’re carefully made to give you a small boost of energy to fill the temporary absence of your routinely intake.

Saturated Fats Aren’t Bad For You In Any Way

Recent research has suggested that foods that are heavy on fat and low on carbs actually help you get rid of weight. You can check out the Annals Of Internal Medicine Report by yourself. It’s also important to understand that there are different types of cholesterol.

While saturated fats don’t necessarily increase cholesterol, in minor cases they have raised HDL – a type of cholesterol that clears your arteries. There’s nothing harmful or bad here, on the contrary everything is acting in your body’s favor.


The best kind of foods, we believe, are raw natural products. However in saying that, when compared to most of the other bars out there, KIND bars are pretty good for you.

The bars provide a good amount of protein, fibre and fats.

Keep that in mind when you grab a KIND bar.

Are you a fan of KIND health bars?

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