Benefits of Turmeric – The Amazing Truth

Age-old wisdom often speaks the truth.

While science is just now discovering the many benefits of turmeric, many ancient communities used this ‘Queen of Spices’ in various aspects of everyday life.

Known for its sharp taste and mesmerizing golden color, this has benefits beyond your wildest imagination. And what’s more – it is present in almost every household!

So if you’re wondering how this can help, here are some reasons why turmeric is known as the ‘Queen of Spices’:

1. Prevent Cancer:

While ‘cancer’ is a word capable of sending shivers down anyone’s spine, turmeric can actually nip it in the bud (or earlier). While it is not the ultimate solution, this incredible spice can help prevent certain kinds, such as prostrate cancer, if consumed regularly before its onset.

Studies have shown that it will fight off those free radicals induced by radiation, thereby helping prevent the feared disease before it strikes.

So, want a tablespoon, anyone?

Image: flickr

Image: flickr

2. Keep Diabetes Under Control:

This is becoming an increasingly common problem, and let’s face it – it can be pretty life threatening as well. While there are plenty of medicines to keep diabetes in check, these can often leave you frustrated.

After all, they aren’t always effective, and too much medicine isn’t good for you anyway. So here comes turmeric to the rescue. It moderates the insulin levels, keeps that glucose under control, and even increases the effectiveness of all those pills you take.

3. Arthritis Relief:

This is a pretty painful reality of life. Not everyone has it, but those who do can tell you – it’s horrible. So while there are always medicines and painkillers to make the going easier, it’s turmeric which can be a real aid.

This golden wonder has anti-inflammatory properties that were once harvested by the ancient man – and are now acknowledged by modern scientists. It’s been discovered that those who suffer from arthritis and consume this on a daily basis receive considerable relief from all that pain and swelling.

4. Get the Cholesterol Levels Under Control:

High cholesterol levels usually means a whole array of different health issues to keep a close eye on. To keep these at bay and just make things a little easier on yourself, it’s important to keep your cholesterol levels down in the first place.

And how can you do this? Using a little bit of turmeric, of course. Season your food with it, and that’s all you need to keep the serum cholesterol levels in line.

5. Improved Immunity:

Now this isn’t to say that turmeric will protect you against the Zika virus, but it will definitely boost your immunity when it comes to many other diseases such as the flu, cough, or even cold.

So consume this regularly, and you will notice a change in yourself. No more will you give in to that common cough (for the most part), even when everyone around you is sniffling and sneezing.

6. Antiseptic:

Today we just rub on some antiseptic when someone gets a small cut or bruise. Unfortunately, this wasn’t available to the ancient man, so they came up with their own solution.

They used turmeric on wounds, burns, and the likes – and it worked. It is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial agent which will effectively disinfect the area. Because of this, it was perfect for cleaning those scrapes and setting you on the path to recovery,

So when it comes to damaged skin or conditions such as psoriasis, this became nature’s cure. Give it a try, and you may never turn to the chemical remedies again!

7. Prevents Alzheimer’s:

Living a life where you slowly forget those cherished memories sounds absolutely terrible. So why give in to genes when you have a possible preventative measure in your hands.

While this isn’t a definite solution, it’s worth a shot. After all, what do you have to lose anyway?

Turmeric is known to promote brain health, making it a great solution for either slowing down the progression of the disease, or for preventing its onset altogether. Moreover, its anti-inflammatory properties would also calm down that brain of yours – an important advantage, since many-a-times Alzheimer’s Disease is said to be the result of brain inflammation.

This super-spice can aid in multiple aspects of life, allowing you to live it to the fullest. And the best part is – this is just a partial list of the many benefits it possesses.

Turmeric can also help with weight management, preventing liver disease, as well as improving digestion among many other things.

Being as helpful as it is, having a spoonful each day can do wonders for your body. So it’s no wonder that turmeric is highly revered in many communities across the world!

Featured Image: flickr

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